Village Café

A happy happy happy place in Swakopmund
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“I immediately adore this colorful place that I suddenly discovered in grey and dusty Swakupmund. The people, the colors, the quotes about bacon, it’s imperfectly perfect!”

The Village Café is a local gathering place which apparently attracts a bunch of darn interesting people. I see bohemian backpackers and locals mingling everywhere. I order a milkshake and it tastes GOOD. The menu looks great, but unfortunately I’m still exploding from that mornings breakfast. There are a dozen vegan choices, although they seem to love bacon too as there are bacon quotes everywhere.

The Village Café is a home-cooking, family run space where grandma’s recipes are still being used. At Village Café they love baking their own bread and cakes, are passionate about coffee, music and everything and anything out of the ordinary.

It’s a great neighborhood café where locals meet, eat, drink, relax and share their lives, a place where you go when you have just received good news or when something bad has happened and you just want to be alone and cry in your cappuccino.

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