Goa Rong View

Viewpoint at Lake Rawa Pening, Central Java, Indonesia
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“If you’re in the area of Semarang on Java, Indonesia, visiting Lake Rawa Pening is perhaps already on your must see list. It might be your last chance to visit this lake, because due to hight numbers of aquatic plants, it may dry out by 2021.”

The best way to see this beautiful place is from uphill at Goa Rong View. When I visited this place, I didn’t really know where I was going. I took a bus and it drove me all the way uphill. It was raining very hard at the time and since the bus had no windows and no doors (!) we used our poncho’s to protect ourself from the wind and rain. Regardless of the bad weather, I was enjoying the busride. Narrow roads and cliffs made the whole busride feel very adventurous. While my feet were hanging partly outside of the bus, me and my travelbuddy’s had the time of our lives. It was something different than the bus I take to work everyday!

When we finally arrived at the viewpoint we sat down at the terrace and enjoyed a nice drink. There is a restaurant where you can eat some traditional Indonesian food and a lot of wooden huts to sit down and enjoy the view. When we were enjoying our drinks the sun came out to say hi and the view got a lot more clear! So when you’re visiting this viewpoint, you should obviously make sure that the weather is clear to enjoy it to its fullest.

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