Uma Awera Lodge

Beach lodge in Sumatra and Mentawai's best kept secret
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“I hear the sound of the waves rolling in and of palm trees waving above me. The unbelievable surroundings I’m walking in give me goose bumps even though the sweat is pearling down my face. Uma Awera Lodge in Sumatra is the place to find yourself.”

I am on a desolated white beach on Sipadan, one of the Mentawai Islands situated in front of the coast of West Sumatra. The Mentawai’s have world-class surf spots and are a true pristine paradise, as I have never seen before.

We’re sleeping at Uma Awera Lodge in a comfortable beach hut. All huts are built in original Mentawai architecture and have private bathrooms. Desti, the owner of Uma Awera Lodge is an openhearted woman and can tell you everything about the Mentawai culture and habits. Three times a day a delicious Indonesian meal is prepared, with local sourced products and by an excellent local chef.

At Uma Awera Lodge the days seem to stretch longer and longer. I live by the light; get up with sunrise and sleep at 09:00 PM taking the pastel pink sunset skies with me in my dreams. I feel more relaxed then ever. The moment you do want to get more active there is enough to do. Go for an adventure in the surrounding mangroves, explore the island and learn about the native animals and plants or grab your board and catch a wave.

Desti is working hard to set up a sustainable recycling program for the Mentawai Islands. To keep the islands clean and inform the children at school about recycling and sustainability. Booking a trip to Uma Awera Lodge will help them to set up the program.

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