Coffee & lunch in Antwerp, Belgium
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“There are so many things that are really nice about Esco*Bar in Antwerp, but the big winner for me is how the coffee house just looks like one big, inviting living room. Specially when it’s December and it’s cold outside!”

Esco*Bar is a cosy coffee house situated nearby the central station of Antwerp in Belgium, so it’s easy to find! The name comes from one of the owners last name – Vicky Calderon Escobar. Her dad comes from Chile which explains the quirky details that you’ll find all over the place – some Spanish signs, some family photos as well as a few traditional Chilean ‘mate’ pots. Mate is a kind of caffeinated drink that originates from South America. I found these ‘tea pots’ very intriguing but forgot to ask if the drink is on the menu. It seems like coffee is the only kind of caffeine they serve.

Besides coffee they also serve breakfast & lunch, with plenty of vegetarian options. There’s also plenty of pies to choose from (which you’ve probably noticed as soon as you enter the place) or other things to satisfy your sweet tooth – like a white hot chocolate!


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