Vintage concept store in Hasselt
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“Hasselt is a small town but with quiet a few great shops. Paplou proves to be one of them, with their remarkable mix of vintage & modern items.”

Concept stores seem to be the newest trend lately, but what makes Paplou stand out is their unique style. They sell both vintage and modern things. Pieces of clothing that are colourful and well made fill every corner of the store – from vintage dresses to newly made, fair fashion sweaters. Didn’t find anything? There are still enough things to choose from, like retro accessories, minimalistic jewelry, children’s toys, inspiring books or quirky cards. You name it, they have it!

Just like any other good concept store, this is one where you want to wander around for ages.


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Dorpsstraat 37b
Hasselt 3500 Vlaanderen BE
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