Barboek Leuven

Cosy book cafe in Leuven, Belgium
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“Barboek in Leuven is a coffee house and book shop in one – I believe the word book cafe describes this place the best. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, you just really want to grab a book and sit down at one of the many cosy corners. It sure feels like home!”

The best thing about this book store is that you can grab a coffee, find a book and just sit down and read. Situated in an old book printing office this book cafe has quite a lot of space. With 300m2 filled to the brim with books there are so many options to choose from, I believe you can spend an entire day here. There are plenty of inviting big comfy chairs around if you want to enjoy a novel, or a big table if you want to work or study. There’s room for everyone!

If the weather is nice there’s also a terrace outside. This is also a great spot to just get a coffee and some homemade baked goods. I wouldn’t mind snuggle up inside, cosy is what describes this cafe best.


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Schrijnmakersstraat 17
Leuven 3000 Vlaanderen BE
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