7 Rila Lakes

Beautiful hidden mountain and lake area in Bulgaria
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“The jeep takes us to the top through rocky roads towards the 7 Rila Lakes… we might have screamed a few times. I can’t help but wonder at the beautiful autumn colours and also the cold, cold air. Winter is coming, but at least it’s breathtaking.”

A 1,5 hour drive from Sofia lies the 7 Rila Lakes, a place so different than the capital. At the last leg of the drive we already enter the mountains, the hills filled with beautiful yellow trees. To get to the lakes we have to enter a jeep or skilift to go to the top. We go for the jeep, which sure was an adventure!

But the adventure was worth it. The mountains are gorgeous, with the white snow-capped tops, autumn colours and turquoise coloured lakes in between. Wow! Sometimes the warm sun disappears and a thick cloud rolls in, making the place a little eerie but yet again beautiful in a different way.

The 7 Rila Lakes are a bit hard to reach with public transport, so it’s best to rent a car or a tour. The best moment to visit the lakes are in spring or summer or if you’re not afraid of cold: autumn. It gets really cold up there, but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure to pack enough clothes, drinks and food! The walk to the first five lakes is the easiest and takes about 3 hours. The other two are harder to reach and that will take a few more hours.

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