Mama Shelter

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““Oui” is my answer to this city. Paris, you are the loved one. I am already getting excited if I know I could go back to you and discover more of you. You are one of those cities that never get boring.”

One of my latest discoveries in Paris is this amazing hotel, Mama Shelter. It’s a hidden gem in the center of Paris, where a room so quirky and detailed is awaiting you. Smiling faces of the Looney Tunes appear when opening your door. And lovely notes are written on mirrors throughout the hotel.

Mama Shelter is one of those places in Paris that feel like home. They offer a nice terrace in summer and a warm and cozy living room for when days are a bit chilly. However, both are a good spot to spend a little time or to decide where to go next. I have noticed that during my stay I was completely relaxed as everything is so carefully thought of.

You almost forget that you are in Paris. Their cocktail bar Chic-Chic is as well very good, the whole picture is just perfect. If it’s raining in Paris and you would want to stay in, please go here and bring a nice comfy sweater because it is just so nice to hang around in this hotel!


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