Forsthaus Strelitz

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“Immerse yourself for a weekend at Forsthaus Strelitz near Berlin and give yourself the freedom not to be disturbed, not to be rushed. Let them take care of you, enjoy nature and eat the best food you’ve ever eaten!”

After little over an hour outside the city of Berlin the signs start popping up, we follow them and soon enter the drive way that leads us to the farmhouse called Forsthaus Strelitz. Greeted by an energetic dog we walk past its entrance, we don’t know where to look, both in total awe of this location!

Forsthaus Strelitz is a farm, guesthouse and restaurant all in one, but it’s mostly well-known for its exquisite food. You can enjoy a 6-course dinner with amazing wine-pairing at the restaurant almost every evening, your tastebuds won’t know what hits them. And even though the food feels Michelin-worthy, you enjoy it in a homely setting. You’re in the farm, sitting in a warm room with lovely people all around. It’s truly an unique experience.

Of course you don’t have to stay for the night, but I’d truly recommend giving yourself the luxury, the gift of fully immersing yourself for a day or two. And not only because of the classy but simple rooms, but also because of the best breakfast I’ve had in a while. Everything is homemade and you taste the love. Spend an hour exploring the farm itself after waking up, cuddle the donkeys and walk amongst the apple trees. I promise you: you’ll never want to leave.


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