A street art treasure in the west of Berlin
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“Teufelsberg is quite something – You feel the history of this place in Berlin everywhere while being distracted by colourful street art.”

Teufelsberg is a big hill located in West Berlin. You can easily recognize the huge white globes from all across the city. Those globes point to the heavy history of the place.

At the end of the fifties the American secret service built a listening station, hence the big globes, on top of the Teufelsberg, a mountain formed a little after the second world war on top of it’s rubbish.

It has been unclear what the city would do to Teufelsberg. For a long while it has been abandoned and in just a couple of years it has been taken over by different artists transforming the place in a creative outlet.

Nowadays you can pay the old listening station a visit and walk around between the old buildings and enjoy the most amazing street art. Throughout the whole year you can find artists working on new master pieces and see new art being created.


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