A Vida Portuguesa Lisbon

Portuguese concept shop in Lisbon
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“Sometimes life is a small party, lets be humble!”

I love to celebrate life. When I am in my quest to find thrilling things, the combination of silliness and fine architecture always make me smile. Good for me that I have found this great shop in one of the many side streets in Lisbon, Portugal.

An old storage warehouse is turned into this stunning shop called A Vida Portuguesa. Both fine jewelry and beautiful packages of soap are sold. Things that will make you feel beautiful. However, I had to stop myself from buying too much… but I did buy several packages of soap. I just could not help myself.

Another thing that deserves attention is the building itself, as it full of small details. For example, the doors of the shop are very impressive and big. Inside you will feel the history of the building and you can imagine that a lot of energy and joy have already been generated by this place!

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