Mongolian Ger B&B

Mongolian dreams in the Dutch woods
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“Sleeping in a Ger, or yurt, at the Veluwe is unforgettable. The tent of Ger B&B is so pretty, I feel at home within a second!”

At kampeerterrein Quadenoord nearby Renkum at the Veluwe you’ll find a little Mongolian fairy tale: a beautiful Mongolian Ger in the middle of the woods – Ger B&B. The camp site is spacious so with a little luck you don’t have any neighbours while sleeping in the Ger (also called Yurt). The owner of this insanely pretty tent is Hanna Bakker. She went to Mongolia, she fell in love and she bought a couple of Gers to take with her to the Netherlands.

Nowadays she rents the Ger to people who are looking for a special place to stay. The money she earns goes straight to sustainable projects in Mongolia. A sleepover in the tent is unforgettable: everything you’ll need is present, except electricity and running water. But hey, back to basic has never been so great so what are you waiting for? With a little bit of luck you’ll even spot some deers in the forest!

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