SKETCH Gallery

A pink restaurant in London City
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Sometimes dreams come true and eating at restaurant SKETCH gallery in London is one of those dreams that came true. A perfect interior with perfect food and a fun waiter that will definitely rock your evening. And did I already mention the interior is splendid and very pink?

This spot is not hard to find, however sometimes it is hard to get in. And I truly understand this because the restaurant is totally unique and has a real Sex and the City vibe. Tonight, I would like to be… Yes! Carrie for sure, as I would love to get carried away this evening. Sorry that this is so corny but sometimes we girls (that love pink!) love to be corny.

Back to business! The food I ordered was very nice.. The first course was a burrata with pomelo and with a pink-ish Campari sauce. Very yummy I can say. My main dish was the green curry risotto from which I loved every bite! The staff of SKETCH Gallery is very elegant and it reminded me of an old-school hotel like in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. It is a restaurant that definitely will be remembered when you have visited it!

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