The Hoxton Shoreditch

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If you are looking for me, look at the fireplace of The Hoxton Shoreditch in London. You will find me in the corner of the couch, eating a red velvet cake and drinking a cappuccino, all relaxed, while checking where to go in London. Yes, the girl with the bun is me!

The Hoxton Shoreditch in London has a bit of a Harry Potter feeling if you look at the fireplace and the large amount of books you can find here. I was wondering to which Hogwarts department I would go all the time, but I decided that I would like to go to the Hoxton department instead! The hotel is magnificent as there is a good mix of people who visit the hotel. The lobby is one big social place. In the corner you will find an Englishman with his cup of tea and in the other corner I hear a couple of French girls laughing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you are not aware it is actually a hotel lobby. Life is good at the Hoxton.

I spotted the inner terrace and I see the sun is shining today. It’s a good day to start exploring London city. But first things first and I have to change clothes as I have to change to the English girl who is dancing in the streets with a cup of coffee and a lover next to me to talk to.

The rooms of the Hoxton are great to relax in and have a lot of mirrors to check out my perfect London outfit. Before leaving the room I write a note what I want to eat for breakfast the next day and put it on the door before leaving into the city. No worries for me to be on time for breakfast downstairs as it will be served in your room the next morning. I will disappear into the night. See you in the morning!

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