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“Is there a more boho way of studying than staying in a cozy cabin in the mountains for a week? I don’t think so!”

Reizen voor Focus is a Dutch travel agency that organizes focus-trips to the Balkan. Andrina (the founder of Reizen voor Focus) takes you on a short journey, entirely focused on the (writing) job you want to get done.

A cabin at Lake Ohrid in Macedonia, a remote location in a natural environment, was the destination Reizen voor Focus brought me to. This trip helped me to be more productive than ever. My mornings started with a nice homemade Macedonian breakfast prepared by the hostess of our cabin. We drank tea made of herbs from the mountains, we ate locally grown fruits and vegetables and ate a different homemade jam with bread each day. After breakfast it’s time to get some work done!

Everyday we worked outside in the garden with a perfect view or, when it was a little bit colder, inside the cabin next to the fireplace. Andrina makes sure you’ll take a break every now and then. In the afternoon there are some optional excursions for you to take, depending on the season, like hiking in the mountains or visiting the old town. Breathing in the fresh mountain air makes you forget about your work for a little while, so you can be twice as more productive when you get back to work.

In the evenings we enjoyed the traditional Macedonian dishes that the hostess made with some (optional) homemade wine or Rakija. The best part of staying at a local family is that you get to experience another culture from up-close. It was interesting (and sometimes quite funny) to see our differences and learn about their lives.

I worked on my graduation project during my stay in Macedonia and I would have never though that I would get this much work done in just a few days. The combination of working together with other students and being surrounded by beautiful nature and a new culture is such a great motivator. I didn’t have to think about doing groceries, laundry, cleaning the house or other things that suddenly seem very important when you actually have a lot of schoolwork to do. So are you stuck in a writing job or can’t find the motivation to start on your thesis? A focus-week with Reizen voor Focus is the solution!

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