Ben Abeba

An inspirational place to eat in Ethiopia
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“When approaching restaurant Ben Abeba in Ethipia I was mesmerized by the architecture. Little could prepare me for the great food and most amazing surroundings.”

Ben Abeba in Ethiopia is one of the most inspirational places I ever had dinner. The building itself is wonderful to see with its different terraces, all with the best view ever. Ben Abeba is build on a hill, overlooking the mountains of Lalibela. We had dinner around a fireplace while the sun was setting behind the mountains. It is difficult to describe how this makes you feel. I guess the pictures say more than a thousand words.

In Ethiopia it is not always easy to find safe places to eat. In this place you know for sure that the food is safe, everything is washed in clean water. You can enjoy local Ethiopian food, but also eat more Western orientated dishes without having to worry about hygiëne.

What makes this place a true inspiration is the way the owner runs the place. She hires women from the area and educates them. This allows these woman to become independent and run their own business at some point. She only works with local farmers and local suppliers which supports the local economy. She is truly what the world needs more, someone who cares!

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