Lake Bogoria

A saline, alkaline lake that lies in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya
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“At Lake Bogoria I was witness of the mighty powers of the earth. On the cracks in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya I could see geothermal powers in action. It made me feel like a small, tiny being standing so close to such immense powers.”

Lake Bogoria is a salt water lake. It is part of the many lakes in the East African Rift Valley. Several geysers and hot springs can be observed depending on the waterlevel in the lake. There are no fences, no lines to stay behind, you can just walk in between all the geothermal activity. It made me feel excited and anxious at the same time. In moments like these I could feel the powers of nature bubbling underneath my feet.

Besides these wonderful geological activities you can also see one of the largest groups of flamingo’s in the world there. The lake can turn completely pink when thousands of flamingo’s come to feed there. You can also find zebra’s, wildebeast, buffalo and other big animals. But who needs to see those, when you can be mesmerized by thousands of pink birds walking and flying around you?

It is hot there. And dusty. Not every road is accessible with a normal car and there are no road signs. Traveling with someone who knows the area is adviced and taking plenty of water as well!

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