Ikweta Safari Camp Kenya

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“Listening to the sounds of the wind playing with the leaves surrounding my tent at Ikweta Safari Camp gives sleeping a whole other dimension.”

I love to be in the middle of nature, but I don’t like the struggles that come with camping. Ikweta Safari Camp gives me exactly that feeling of being in nature, but without the camping problems. At the gate of one of the lesser touristic National Parks of Kenya – Meru National Park – you can find this small tented camp. Each tent has its own bathroom with walk-in shower. Tents are situated in such a way that you are completely surrounded by trees and bushes and cannot see the other tents.

At night I enjoy the millions of stars, while in the morning I can hear the sounds of the bush and see the birds wake up in front of the tent. A relaxt morning swim in the pool makes sure I start the day fresh.

Even though it are tents, it does not feel at all as camping. The tents at Ikweta Safari Camp are very comfortable and luxury. The camp is an all inclusive camp with all meals included in the price. So you never have to leave the comforts of the camp if you don’t want to, making it a very relaxed place to be.

From Ikweta Safari Camp it is possible to do game drives into Meru National Park. Meru National Park has all the big five. There are hardly any tourists at Meru National Park, so you have the wildlife all to yourself. The park is the perfect place for spotting large herds of giraffes and buffalos. With the mountain range in the background, this park has many spectacular landscapes!


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