Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

A feast your eyes and great food on this market in the Seychelles
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“Strolling between people and watching the daily routine of locals is something what I love to do, and the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market in the Seychelles is amazing!”

Chatting people in languages I do not understand makes me wonder what they are talking about. Are these sweet words to each other or maybe just normal chatting? I will make up my own stories about a lovely couple in the corner or about the man that is selling fish to a young girl at the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market in Victoria.

In this small covered market you will find so much color it will brighten up your day. When passing by all these small market stalls I noticed they sell everything – from barracuda’s to parrotfishes! I love the small stalls with all sorts of spices and herbs that give you super sleep and happy dreams… How cool!

An old lady comes up to me and asks if I need a refreshment and I nod – I would love to have that. She brings me to her small coconut stall and starts chopping on a coconut. And the only thing I think of is what a fierce women this is. For me this women is the Beyoncé of the market. After all who runs the world… Girls!

While enjoying my coconut I decide to discover this market a little bit further. Upstairs you will definitely find your souvenirs and you can buy Coco De Mer, the symbol of the Seychelles. This bustling market is well worth strolling around. It will surprise you and it will make you happy with normal day live – just with a bit more sparkle.

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