Yoga in Bryant Park

Free yoga classes in Bryant Park, New York
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“Yoga in Bryant Park is just… At first I couldn’t describe the feeling, what it is like to have a yoga class together with 600 other people in a quit spot (park) in the middle of New York City. Second all I could say is that you’ve gotta join a class when you’re visiting the city. It’s a feeling you can’t feel and can’t imagine until you’ve tried it.”

From the moment I inhale deeply, when my belly was slowly moving outward, I got confused. Am I really doing this? Am I doing this yoga class in the middle of the city that never sleeps? Exhaling, letting my belly slowly moving in… I felt proud, started to calm down and inhaled again. I wasn’t the only one that got confused, happy and amazed at the same time. I could see sparkling eyes and hear noises of relief all around me.

It’s an unexpected thing you can do in New York, it’s something you won’t expect in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. It’s quite unique to be one with nature while you’re surrounded by big buildings, shopping centers and 5th avenue. Visiting New York during the summer months? Make sure to stop by Bryant park and join a Tuesday morning or Thursday evening class.



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