Shop & Cafe in Arambol, Goa
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“Goa often feels like paradise, Arambol has so much to offer that you need places like Lamuella. A soft pink and white cafe, that backyard garden vibe, delicious food and the best boho outfits for your entire holiday!”

The crowded shopping street of Arambol is full of shops and restaurants and small cafe’s. This beautiful shop, Lamuella, is a bit of an outsider when it comes to the clothes that they sell. The quality is high, designers from all over the world work on their collection throughout the year and everything is with that bohemian and gipsy touch.

The small cafe behind the shop is a bit of a secret, make sure when you are in the shop you walk all the way to the back to get a taste of these delicious dishes. The decoration in the backyard is soft and serene. Little tents are there, a few tables, a table in a little three hut and the entire space is covered by a big white cloth on the ceiling. I enjoyed a yummy fruit salad with nuts and raisins, and a wonderful egg breakfast with spinach and indian herbs. The juices are fresh, without sugar and it’s very refreshing to have some beetroot and other vegetables in your daily drinks.

Lamuealla is located in the middle of the shopping street in Arambol, Goa. From the parking lot you walk straight. On your right hand you will find a wooden shop with big windows. Definitely my favorite shop in Arambol!

Hannah Sophia
Boho Wanderer @ The Boho Guide