Rajasthan's magical Blue City
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“Jodhpur is my first encounter with Rajasthan’s Magic. It’s magical indeed!”

The Blue City within the heart of the old city is the main reason of my visit. A rickshaw driver drops me at he entrance of my blue daydream. I walk through a tangle of winding, medieval streets filled with shops and street vendors selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and glittering saris. Men with large turbans sit in front of the shops sipping chai tea and chatting with their neighbours. Monkeys jump from roof to roof.

I am still getting used to the smell of incense, flowers and spices mingled with the smell of urine, sweat and garbage. My mission is to find the most picturesque blue streets. Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown and the alleys never seem to lead where I expect them. Barking street dogs make me turn around several times to find another way.

I get lost in a dreamy labyrinth of endless shades of blue. In Hinduism blue represents nature, the sky, the oceans, the rivers and the lakes. It stand equal for bravery, determination, the ability to deal with difficult situations a stable mind and depth of character. Determined I am walking further and stumble upon the most gorgeous blue alleys and rooftops with marvelous views over the city.

When I see a pastel blue painted courtyard I peek into the open doorway and am invited in by an elderly woman. As a welcome I get a super sweet cup of chai and chat with the friendly and interested Rajasthani family. Here, I fall in love with this dazzling city, its warm people and the colors of India.

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