Kelimutu National Park

National Park with colour changing crater lakes in Flores
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“The peace and quiet of Kelimutu National Park in Flores, Indonesia, will leave you speechless. Arriving there, I could instantly feel the magic of this place. The magic of nature doing it’s thing, unrestricted and peaceful..”

To get to Kelimutu National Park you have to drive from the nearest village of Moni through the ricefields of Flores. The locals here live very basic, but are very content and happy people. Small huts, cooking on the fire, harvesting rice, fruits and vegetables. The ground here is extremely fertile, I’ve never seen so much lushness in one place. Some wild pigs are playing around near a small river while we were passing through on our rented scooter.

When arriving at Kelimutu National Park, you feel a peace coming over you. Not only because we were the only ones there, but also because you’ll instantly feel a calm, positive energy. At the center of the park, you’ll find three crater lakes that change colour from time to time, for no reason. The locals believe the souls of the people from the villages nearby rest in these lakes and that the park is a sacred place. I can totally see that. When in Flores, this National Park is one not to miss!

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