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Great batik workshop at the Textile Museum in Jakarta
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“Being a crafts nerd I was so excited to make my own Batik at the Textile museum in Jakarta, Indonesia. I could totally imagine myself having my own Batik studio at home and I didn’t even knew how to make one yet.”

The Textile Museum in Jakarta is a museum where there is a lot to see and do. Unfortunately my visit was quite short, so I can only tell you about the Batik Pavilion where I did a Batik workshop.

The Batik Pavilion is a big and beautiful space where you can learn the basics of Batik. I was very excited to make my own Batik. I thought it was quite special to learn about such a traditional technique. After choosing a pre-made design we were taught us how to use the hot wax. It was quite difficult to draw neat lines but practice makes perfect, so we just kept going on. Once finished, the staff wil dye your batik to a color of your choosing and boil it in water to remove the wax.

You can join Batik workshops in several places in Java and it is really a must do. It’s super interesting to learn about such an old and traditional technique and you probably won’t get a cooler souvenir than one you’ve made yourself! The Batik workshop at the Textile museum only costs about $3, so make sure you don’t skip it while visiting the museum.

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