Borobodur Temple Yogyakarta, JAVA, Indonesia
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“When I got away from all the tourists and found myself a quiet place I took a moment to realize where I was standing. I listened to the birds, looked at the mountains and sat down on the floor. This was the moment I really experienced Borobudur.”

Worlds largests Buddhist temple, that has to be impressive right? I never visited the world largests anything, so my expectations for Borobudur were high. And maybe.. they were too high.

The view was magnificent and I’ve never seen anything as big and impressive as the Borobudur temple. But for me, the mass of tourists took away all the magic of this special place. Touching the statues, climbing the walls, being loud. It broke my heart. I expected there would be few tourists, since we were going for the sunrise tour at 5 in the morning. Boy, was I wrong. I decided to take a few pictures and separted myself from the group to find a more quiet place.

Borobudur temple has different levels and by exploring those, I soon found a place to escape the chaos. Most tourists tend to stay at the top level, because, well this is the most spectaculair level. So please, when you visit Borubudur, keep in mind that there will be A LOT of tourists, but don’t let it spoil your visit. If you have the change, try to stay as long as possible, so you can enjoy this place without the chaos. Because, once separated from it I could really appreciate where I was standing at that moment: The largest Buddhist temple in the WORLD.

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