Contemporary art island at the coast of Japan
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“My trip to Japan felt like a hazy dream already, but as an art lover there were still a few things to tick off my list. One of those things was the island Naoshima, an island full of contemporary art museums and all kinds of art installations. And of course the colourful pumpkins by one of my favourite artists – Yayoi Kusama!”

As an art lover I felt like a visit to the island Naoshima was not to be missed and boy was I right. I hopped on a ferry at Uno Port and soon I could already see the famous red pumpkin by artist Yayoi Kusama. The island is small and compact, so there are several options to move on the island. One of those options is by bike, which I did. There are some steep hills (be warned!), but for about 300 YEN you can rent a bike at the port of Naoshima.

There are several contemporary art museums, like the Benesse House that houses art by famous Western artists like Yves Klein and Andy Warhol. Other museums are the Chichu Museum, the Ando Museum (set in an old Japanese house) and the Lee Ufan Museum, dedicated to the Korean artist Lee Ufan. If you’re more into swimming you also have to check out I Love Yu, a public bath that is also an art museum on its own. Not tired yet? Nearby the bath there is also a teeny tiny James Bond museum and yes, that is as random as it sounds.

Besides all these museums there is also the art house project – art installations in houses all over the island. For this it’s best to have a bike, as you can easily go from house to house. I enjoyed these installations scattered over the island the most. If you’re lucky enough to be there during the Setouchi Triennale, you can also buy a passport and get a stamp at every house and museum. This passport is valid at different islands like Inujima, a small hidden gem with several art houses as well.




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