Tao Expedition Philippines

Five day expedition to the deserted islands of the Philippines
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“Setting foot on these islands of El Nido during the Tao Experience was quite something else. Such untouched beauty, it seemed like too much to take in. Never in all my life and travels have I experienced anything like this before. Nothing that comes close to the pure perfection of the remote islands of Palawan.”

Do you truly want to get away from it all? Want to experience life to the fullest? Eat the most delicious fruits you have ever eaten? Connect with likeminded travellers from all over the world? The Tao Expedition will offer you just that and more. Tao takes you on an adventurous five day journey to the most remote islands of the Philippines.

The journey not only allows you onto the untouched islands, but also offers you a unique peek into the life of their inhabitants, the islanders. They show you around the amazing place they call their home, familiarize you with their customs and teach you about the sustainable projects of Tao.

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