Sun Moon Lake

Cycling scenic Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan
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“Said to be one of “10 Breathtaking Cycling Routes” around the world by CNN News in 2012, I was eager to experience the Yuetan Bike Path around Sun Moon Lake.”

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭, situated in central Taiwan, is the largest body of water on the island. The lake got its name because the East side of the lake resembles a sun and the West side a moon.

The best way to see the whole lake and points of interest is to cycle around it. You can choose to do the leisurely 12-kilometer or cycle around the entire 29 kilometers. All the bike rent shops have route maps including points of interest. There are good separate cycle paths and the road is impressively scenic!

Cycling around the lake’s turquoise waters you’ll see colorful boats, gorgeous temples and pass small white beaches and villages. You can spot tropical birds in the diverse flora growing in the area. There is a lot of impressive bamboo, banana trees, huge ferns, palm trees and even small rice paddies.

The area around the lake is home to the Thao tribe, one of the fourteen aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. Cycling along the lake you’ll find a lot of their original culture. The most beautiful view on the lake you will have from the Lalu hotel situated in Yuchi Township, or from the Ci’en Pagoda which is on the opposite of the lake near Nantou.

Tip: Visit the lake during weekdays to skip the crowds!

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