Eagletrack Zipline Chiang Mai

Ziplining adventure through the Thai jungle of Chiang Mai
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“Adrenaline pumped through my veines and I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. Ziplining with Eagletrack Zipline through the lush jungle of Chiang Mai should be on top of your Thailand list if you’re the adventurous type!”

I have to admit: when arriving to the ziplining camp of Eagletrack Zipline in Chiang Mai my nerves got the best of me. The idea of flying through the jungle sky sounded both exiting and terrifying. But before I got the chance to chicken out, I was already fully equipped and on my way to the ziplining track.

After we got instructions (safety first!) it was time to start our adventure. The track started slowly, but before I knew it I was passing treetops at high speed. The staff made me laugh, and most importantly, made me feel safe. The views were mesmerising and at one point I even forgot to be scared of heights. Although the abseiling made my stomach turn, it also made me feel invincible. After surviving the zipliningtrack, a lunch buffet was waiting for us at the camp.

Eagletrack Zipline offers three different packages: bronze, silver and gold. They all include lunch and pickup from your hotel but the tracks vary in length. I would recommend to do the silver or gold package, because the bronze is quite short and over before you know it. It is definitely worth it to spend those few extra Baht.

You can book your ziplining adventure at most hotels or via tourist offices in the city. You can also book directly at the website of Eagletrack Zipline Chiang Mai.

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