Love and Peace Resort

Riverfront resort in Puerto Princesa, Philippines
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“Exploring the Puerto Princesa countryside on our scooters, we passed a small sign: ‘Love and Peace Resort’, that lured us in. Tucked away in nature, a hidden gem awaited us.”

The Love and Peace resort overlooks the Maoyon river on the island of Palawan in the Philippines, and is surrounded by green jungle. It offers peace and quiet for those who want to get away from their busy daily lives. You simply leave your worries at the top of the stairs.

The staircase, decorated with little hearts and peace signs, takes you down to the bar, serving you the best view of the house. It’s situated on a platform decked out with sun beds and comfy pillows. A perfect spot for you to relax, read and take in the pretty surroundings. The river and the tiny boats passing by make it ever so easy to unwind. But don’t just sit there! A rope hanging from the side of the platform invites you to experience the river first hand.

The resort offers a variety of tours to explore the area. You can visit the waterfalls, caves and islands. But if you’re just passing by like we did, you can stay for drinks and be on your way.

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