Terrace Beach Resort

Luxury cottage with jacuzzi on Vancouver Island
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“Vancouver Island, where I walked for miles and miles through forests and on beaches until my muscles were soar, but I was rewarded by watching the sun set in the ocean from my private jacuzzi while drinking a glass of chilled white wine.”

Terrace Beach Resort consists of a group of cabins, almost all with a private deck overlooking the bay. The sun will set right at the horizon, so you have perfect view from your deck. Some cabins have their own jacuzzi. Life cannot get much better when you have a glass of cold white wine in one hand while bubbling away watching the sun set. The beach in front of the cabins is a private beach in a secluded bay.

You have your own kitchen, living room and bedroom. Maybe the interior is not truly bohemian, it are the outdoors that make this place a boho place. You can spend hours doing yoga on your own deck while soaking up the last minutes of sunlight and listening to the calm waves washing ashore. I climbed the rocks and looked at the migration of the small invertebrates from tidal pond to tidal pond. This place makes you feel calm from the moment you walk through the doors.

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