Oasis Coral Estate Curaçao

Beautiful dive & wellness resort away from the crowds in Curaçao
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“I loved driving away from the touristic side of Curaçao, all the way to Oasis Coral Estate. The location is simply perfect and so quiet, and the beauty of this resort itself takes your breath away – especially when the sun sets…”

When staying at Oasis Coral Estate you find yourself in a true paradise where you can discover the real Curacao! I loved the fact that this resort is away from the crowd. The resort is a hideaway for the locals and you’re able to simply relax because it is undiscovered by the masses. The resort is directly located at the azure blue Caribbean Sea with a 3 kilometer extended coast. Besides, dozens of flamingos are just walking distance from the accommodations! The resort is very spacious and is situated in the middle of the beautiful nature area on the idyllic south coast of Curaçao.

The Oasis Coral Estate Centre is the beating heart of the resort. You will instantly feel relaxed just by being here. The Centre offers luxurious facilities on a beautiful location such as an infinity pool, Spa & Wellness, diving centre Coral Divers, rooftop bar Koraal and well-known restaurant Karakter.

The thought of Oasis Coral Estate goes with luxury vacation homes. I loved our 2-persons VIP hotel room, it’s worth its name! The room has a private outside deck with sea view as all comforts inside, such as air-conditioning, a kitchenette, a luxurious bathroom with a rain shower and a lounge pool, only accessible for the VIP guests! Oasis Coral Estate offers other beautiful rooms as well, all located near the Oasis Coral Estate Centre.

Situated right in the middle of the island, the location is perfect! It’s right in the middle of unspoiled Curaçao, even driving the long winding road towards the resort is such an experience. The most idyllic and more quiet beaches on Westpunt are not too far away but you can still easily reach Willemstad and the touristic beaches such as Mambo Beach (if you want to, we wouldn’t recommend it!). And don’t forget to check the salt lake next to the resort, it’s full of flamingos!

We found our favorite spot almost right at our doorstep: Daaibooi Beach and Porto Marie. Every evening we took our bbq to Daaibooi beach where we would enjoy a beach bbq and sunset amidst all dancing and music making locals. The calm and intimate atmosphere make it special; no wonder the locals of the island love to come here. We loooved it!

Once you have stayed at Oasis Coral Estate Curacao, chances are you will never want to go anywhere else. And tip: you’ll get a free rental car during your whole stay!


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