Stush in the Bush

A love story on an organic farm in Jamaica
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“We could have been anywhere, lost among the trees and hills. I smile and realize how lucky I am that we have found this small piece of heaven, somewhere hidden among the lively tourist cities of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in Jamaica. There is a feather-light, but palpable calm about Free Hill.”

Stush in the Bush is a story of love. It is the mixing of Rastafarian and chic. It is the love of mother nature and the love of good food. It is the first and last ingredient on each bottle, in every meal, in all that they do. They are Lisa and Chris and this is their love story. I fell a little bit in love with them too.

Their organic farm of 15 hectares is called Zionites and is located in the hills of St. Ann. Outside, a wonderful table full of delicacies is waiting for us. We enjoy the view and the vegan dishes and talk about life. The breathtaking scenery and the hospitality of these two beautiful people make Stush in the Bush a wonderful boho place. You can book lunch, dinner, workshops or feasts in a breathtaking landscape, where things move slowly and luxury resides in simplicity and a connection to the earth.

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Saint Mary Parish JM
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