Maruba Resort and Jungle Spa

The weirdest yet prettiest bohemian boutique resort in Belize
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“This might be the weirdest yet prettiest bohemian resort I have ever been. Maruba Resort is unique and you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Definitely not your typical boutique hotel. And I absolutely LOVED it. A very unique experience awaits. This is exactly where the wild things are.”

Picture a canvas of blue skies, between the canopy of an unspoiled rainforest; now breathe deep and evaporate into the sweet air as you are romanced by the music of Mother Nature, such is tropical Belize.

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is an interesting sight in the middle of Belize’s eastern flatland forest, located about a mile out of Maskall and a 45 minutes drive from Belize City. We’ve had the most perfect last two days here before flying back home.

As I said, this is not your typical boutique hotel, made apparent in Maruba’s sexy marketing campaign flaunted with pictures of people having the romantic escape of their lives. If you’re accustomed to fancy, high–class bohemian–style service, this may not be your cup of tea. But if you’re up for something different, come on in!

The resort’s thick, verdant landscaping with abundant flowers and vegetation tunnels is enhanced by intriguing focal points and sculptures spread around the grounds: A tiny, glass–decorated chapel, a palapa–covered stone chess table, a treehouse restaurant, a pool that seems to spring from the jungle, complete with waterfalls. You’ll also find a hookah lounge and a Japanese mineral bath on the birdsong–bathed, shady grounds. The spa is top–notch and relaxing, as you bathe in locally produced rainforest oils and detoxification mud. I’ve had an amazing oil massage. They offer loads of adventures and tours, have their own horses and 4×4 vehicles and the Maya ruin of Altun Ha is very close by.

The individually designed rooms are spread throughout the grounds for privacy. Our room is unbelievable, I had no idea where I was and where I had to look first. A chapel? A private spa bath? Glass bottle windows? Crazy colors? Mosaic tile floors, standing candles, cement fountains, tiled tubs, fresh flowers everywhere? It’s all in our room! You’ll either love or hate the bright, garish color schemes. I love it.

It’s a quirky place that sings with nature. The surrounding jungle at this resort creates an elegant, yet contemporary, artistic atmosphere. The restaurants serves pretty damn good food and the owners and staff are amazing. No words. Maruba is a free spirited resort and spa where you can restore your body, mind and soul in a truly rare and beautifully relaxed tropical atmosphere.

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