Belcampo Jungle Resort and Farm

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“I just don’t know where to start or end describing this beautiful hidden gem in the Toledo Jungle of Belize. Belcampo Resort is truly an unique place on Earth.”

Set in the verdant hills above the Caribbean coast of southern Belize, Belcampo is a sanctuary from the everyday world. It’s a jungle lodge, organic farm and a 12,000-acre nature reserve in one.

At the heart of Belcampo you will find the the main lodge with the Jungle Farm restaurant, The Rum Bar, a spa, lounge areas, a swimming pool and observation decks that open to stunning vistas of the coast, the Maya Mountains and a seemingly endless pristine rainforest. The Jungle Farm Restaurant serves excellent food, the best I had in the whole of Belize. As they have their own organic farm, you can probably imagine what the food tastes like. It’s pure bliss. They produce on-site more than 70% of the food they serve to the guests and staff!

We took a tour of the farm which is really inspiring and we even made our own organic and fairtrade chocolate! The farm is so inspiring, they literally grow everything. They even produce their own rum, coffee and chocolate and the sugar Cane, cacao and coffee are being grown organically by local people who are paid fair wages, fed healthy meals, and treated with fairness and respect.

We have the privilege to stay in one of the four private Ridge suites on the hill and it’s truly a stay that I won’t forget, ever. The room is unbelievably pretty, light and comfortable – decorated with an amazing sense of style. The outside bath and hammock made me smile like a little kid in a candy store. I woke up by the sounds of howler monkey’s in the trees around our little home away from home and took a dip in the beautiful infinity pool. The views of the jungle and the river are amazing from this point. Close to our lodge is a yoga deck.

The private suites are accessible by either stairs or a small private chairlift. It sounds silly but it’s pretty great and it doesn’t disturb the jungle feeling at all. You can take this chairlift (or 365 steps) down to to the riverside dock where kayaks and canoes are available for complimentary use. We took a canoe and made a beautiful journey along the Rio Grande, right in the middle of the jungle.

I know, can you imagine how amazing this place is? I’m still living the dream with my memories.

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