The Yoga Farm

Yoga Surf Eco Farm at the end of the world in Costa Rica
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“Deep down in the jungle, howler monkeys wake me up. I slowly open my eyes and realize I am at the most amazing place in Costa Rica I can imagine.”

The trip to Punta Banco in itself is quite an adventure, the farm is to be found at the end of the world in Costa Rica, almost against Panama. The roads to that lead to it are unpaved. From Golfito, the bus drives for two hours on a bumpy country road through the dust and the bus does not go beyond Pavones, which is a beautiful hippie surfer’s paradise.

Because Punta Banco still is about 7 kilometers away, try to hitchhike or get a cab. When the road stops at the end you still have to walk up a very steep hill to get to the farm. There’s no way a driver will go there, so better save your energies to go up there. It won’t be the last time you’ll walk that hill, but it’s worth it.

The Yoga Farm in Costa Rica. Here deep down in the jungle, you go to bed at 9 o’clock, which is generally late in a place where the howler monkeys wake you up with the sunrise at half past five, in a place where everything runs on solar energy, where there’s only one charging point for all the inhabitants of the farm and where the toilets are composting toilets and you wash your clothes by hand.

Here, I feel completely one with Mother Nature. Meditating on the sound of crickets, waves, naps in the hammock, buying a smoothie at the neighbors to connect to their WiFi, swimming in the ocean when the sun goes down… It’s perfection.

Most of the time the Yoga Farm has surf instructors available, if not, they’ll know which local instructor you can go to. Great surfing in Punta Banco, Pavones or Matapalo. Take a day trip to Corcovado to get that jungle feeling.

6 days a week, one session of 1.5 hours on the yoga deck of the farm, included in the price of your stay.

Vegetarian, included in the price of your stay.

You stay at a discount when you help the staff.

From San José. To get there in one day: take the direct bus to the Tracopa bus terminal to Paso Canoas, grab a collective cab to Laurel, take the bus to Comte and in Comte switch buses to Pavones. Fro Pavones to Punta Banco there’s only one bus a day that runs in the afternoon around half past six, otherwise you have to arrange other transportation.

Special notes
No mirrors anywhere, open-air shower, howler monkeys as your alarm clock, yoga before breakfast, no WiFi, just you and the other farmers. There’s no ATM around, be sure to bring enough cash on you.

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