Parque Guanayara Cuba

Rambo Jungle tour in Cuba
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“Definitely one of the most unforgettable things I’ve ever done while traveling in Cuba. I felt invincible jumping of those magnificent waterfalls and for a moment nothing else mattered in life.”

Parque Guanayara in Cuba is an incredible piece of nature. I could walk here for hours and never get bored of all the beautiful flora and fauna. What makes this park even better? The Rambo Jungle Tour.

The tour starts with a trip all the way up the mountain in an old camouflaged military truck. During the drive you’ll be surprised with stunning views and you’ll get to see a tiny bit of the local life. Keep your eyes on the road, and you’ll definitely see some pigs, donkeys and horses walking around.

Once you arrive at the Guanayara Park, the guide will introduce you to the native plant life and then start the hiking tour. With all those tropical plants, birds and other animals surrounding you, you’ll feel like a real Tarzan or Jane in the jungle, but the tour gets real exiting when you get off road.

The tour guide takes you along an adventurous path involving rock climbing, waterfall jumping and swimming in nature pools. During the tour you’ll see the most incredible sceneries and if you’re lucky you’ll meet a few new animal friends!

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