Underwater Vision

Island PADI resort in Honduras
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“I have never felt so close to being a mermaid as I did here. My days were all about discovering this whole new blue world. Every day I woke up so excited. I overstayed. Couldn’t leave the island. Watch out, it gets to you quick – you make new friends before you even notice.”

There’s no place that feels so familiar as Underwater Vision in Honduras. Literally, the Underwater Vision staff becomes your family. Whether you go party, dive, eat, jump off the roof (into the sea, of course) or watch the daily stunning sunset (or just a movie), you will find a buddy for your deep blue sea adventures.

Utila is one of the affordable places to get your PADI certificate. You’ll share your room, but also your fears as your excitement about diving with other people during the diving course. The food at the bar is delicious, but be sure to go out and explore the local food shops in the street too. There’s even a small kitchen to make your own.

This island is all about party, so bring a good mood and be prepared for drinking beers on the porch after a beautiful night dive watching the stars. Oh, and when you leave, make sure you don’t miss the boat, nor go on board when you’re hungover. Not a good plan. Better keep on mermaiding!

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