Surfing Turtle Lodge

Eco Beach Hostel and Turtle Hatchery in Nicaragua
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“As hard as this little island is to get to by bus, boat and horse and carriage, I try to let the perfect view settle in at arrival. I take a seat on the swings at the bar and order a Nica libre. Is this Utopia?”

The Surfing Turtle Lodge is situated right on the beach, and because it is on an island the guests have little choice but to buy their food and drinks right there. But, no worries, the prices aren’t that bad. Do you like hippies, surfing and beautiful sunsets? Then this is the place to be for you.

People obviously come here not only for chilling out, the Surfing Turtle Lodge also offers plenty of activities to keep their guests happy. You can take surf classes or just ride the waves on your own, take a horse ride through the nature reserve that stretches across the island and then parade back on the beach (highly recommended, especially at sunset!) for great pictures to show at home, volleyball games at 4 pm, take yoga classes in the yoga deck on the beach, and then from September to November you can join to turtle watch when the turtles come to lay their eggs at night, and from December to February you can see turtles hatch and set them free into the ocean.

I felt so lucky to see all these baby turtles go. The eggs are sold on the market to make soup. To save these little rascals, Surfing Turtle has a turtle hatchery where there are to be born a thousand turtles in a month! My turtle walks first into the water, at sunset. What a wonderful moment.

The swings at the bar, the view from the dorm, a shower of shooting stars at night, the reflection of the stars in the wide strip of wet sand at night at low tide, bioluminescent waves, swimming at night, the endless beach, undisturbed by ugly buildings on the seafront, and every evening there’s a bonfire.


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