Big Foot Beach House

Backpackers party beach hostel in Nicaragua
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“I booked a daytrip from Big Foot in León to their beach location and immediately fell in love. There’s such a good vibe, you’re free to do whatever you want. Surf on the waves, play volleyball at the beach, share a beer in the pool, check out your slacklining skills or just take a walk along the beach in this fisher’s town and then after try the delicious food. It’s all possible here. I came back the day after for a longer stay.”

Big Foot Beach House is really well-known amongst backpackers in León because of their parties and excursions that take you sandboarding on the Cerro Negro. They also offer excursions to their beach location, there’s a shuttle that leaves daily at 3PM – no luxury expected, it’s a rough 20 minute ride in the open air with a lot of cosy people around you.

You’ll immediately be overwhelmed by the relaxed beach vibe that permeates the whole spot. There’s a pool, but there are a lot of pillows and hammocks to chill on too. The kitchen prepares great food (also for veggies) that is not rice and beans, which is very nice after weeks of eating the local rice and beans. It’s a bit pricier than local food, but it’s worth the treat.

If you don’t like to party, then probably this is not the spot for you. The staff regularly organizes parties in the weekends where lots of locals attend to as well. Pretty awesome with a pool by your side, if I may say so!

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