Kolonel Koffie

Specialty coffee & roastery in Antwerp, Belgium
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“I’m just wandering the streets of Antwerp when the huge wall painting catches my eye immediately. It looks like a coffee place, a really cosy one with that warm light shining from the windows. Kolonel Koffie is one of those places that just lures you right in, even though you’ve already had enough coffee for the day. So…. more coffee it is!”

The thing that attracts me to Kolonel Koffie in the first place is the style – a little vintage, unique and lots and lots of wood. I daresay it even reminds me of a few coffee places in Japan I visited, which is always a plus! Enough about the design, what about the coffee? As you might expect of a place like this, the coffee is skillfully made. There’s a big variety of coffees to choose from, or tea or any other kind of drinks really – there’s something for everyone. It’s also a great place to have lunch or a homemade cake (or two).

It might not be situated in the middle of the city centre, but it’s definitely worth a visit for some great coffee, lunch or to get some coffee beans to use at home.  If I’d live in Antwerp this would definitely be my favourite coffee spot.

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Montignystraat 51
Antwerpen 2018 Vlaanderen BE
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