Fairtrade & handmade knits in Antwerp
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“The beautiful handmade woolen coats in the window are luring me into this beautiful shop in Antwerp, Belgium. That, ánd the cute alpaca plush toy of course.”

The plush alpaca isn’t there without a reason – at LN|KNITS they only work with baby alpaca wool, which is the softest and most delicate wool out there. Founder Ellen Kegels used to knit everything on her own, until the demand grew too big. Nowadays everything is knitted by hand by Peruvian ladies, this way more than 300 families in Peru earn a steady income. Did you know it can take them up to a week to just knit a scarf? No fast fashion, but slow fashion at its best!

Besides being a fair and honest brand it is of course also a gorgeous brand to wear. Beautiful coats in pastel colours, beanies in autumn colours, matching scarves… they have it all. Make sure to pop in this store and look at the beautiful products when you’re in town. Around the corner is also the botanical garden, which is also a great place to visit if you ask me.

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