Boho stop and plant doctor in Mechelen
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“As soon as I walk in and meet Elles I’m into her stories…She tells me about all her products in her shop Vertelles and I can feel the love and passion she has for her little cute Belgium gem in Mechelen.”

Vertelles is Elles her shop, atelier and almost second home. At Vertelles she sells lots of different stuff like clothing, accessories, giftcards and…plants. As a matter of fact, in Mechelen she is also known as the plant doctor. She gets plants from all over Mechelen from people that don’t have the space for them, need to move or just simply don’t want them anymore. Elles brings dying plants back to life and makes them flourish again. In her shop you can buy them for a very friendly price. For her it is not about profit, but finding a good second home for them.

In her atelier she makes bags out of old clothes and from books she collects nice quotes for the personalized gift cards. Every item in her store has a story, which comes back in the name ‘Vertelles.’

An authentic shop that is built on love for recycling and therefor deserves a visit.


Sandra her favourite things are hitchhiking and roadtrips. After living for two years in Australia she is now living in New Zealand, telling stories on Where Will She Go. With a mind that never stands still and a heart that is always overflowing she enjoys moments of serenity while traveling. Meditation retreats, yoga courses or spending nights in the quiet desert are no stranger to her. For the Boho Guide she will share all her favourite spots that makes her heart beat faster and her eyes sparkle.
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Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 74
Mechelen 2800 Vlaanderen BE
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