Art Park Zagreb

Relaxt park with lounge music and like minded bohemians
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“From far I could hear the mellow lounge music drift up the hill. From the viewpoint at the top of Art Park I could see the whole city of Zagreb starting to prepare for the night, while I was preparing for a nice conversation with free-spirited hippies.”

Art Park used to be one of those parks where you could not (and did not want to) wander after dark. Nowadays it is transformed in one of the most relaxt, vibrant and warm places in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

The park is open to the public all day. There is a small childrens playground, table tennis, food, drinks, lounge spots, places for picknick, basically all you need to have the most relaxt day in Zagreb. But it’s the people who make this place the best bohemian spot of Zagreb. It’s packed with free spirited art lovers hanging out here, having deep conversations, eating, drinking and laughing together without judgement. Slow living millennials think about their future plans while drinking a super-eco-green juice. You will feel directly at home, even if you don’t fit in at first sight.

From the top of the park you have beautiful views on the city. This is especially a good place to be when the sun starts to set and you can see the people rushing home after a long day of work.

During the summer months there will be workshops, yoga, drawing sessions, music extravaganzas, film screenings, music jams, panels to paint, and more.

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