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Out of this world space experience hostel in Zagreb
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I’m staying at the Subspace Hostel in Zagreb, Croatia. Is this how it feels to be in a spaceship? Because I would travel to the end of the universe in it!”

Does bohemian always mean flowers, eco and green for you? Or does bohemian mean that it is an out of the box, unique feeling? This is your place! For sure the Subspace Hostel in Zagreb gives you a total out of the box experience inside a box!

All spacehubs are single person rooms with everything you need within reach. Even though it is a hostel, it does not feel at all as if I was sharing a room with anyone. It feels like I had my own mini-bubble to be perfectly comfortable.

A full control panel allows you to control the blue lights, reading lights, white lights, alarm clock and air flow. The alarm clock is not with sound, but it is mimicking a rising sun so you wake up refreshed. The control panel has build in USB chargers, universal power sockets and head phone connectors. The design tv allows you to watch regular tv, but you can also surf online or connect your own devices with the HDMI port available.

You can store your suitcase and bags in a locker so you don’t need to worry about people taking anything from you. Your spacepod locks itself after you leave!

The toilets and showers are also unique. Even there it feels like you are in a space station. Their slogan “a fictional parallel universe” is absolutely how this place makes you feel.

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Ulica Nikole Tesle 12
Zagreb 10000 HR
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