Bohemian and urban store in central London
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“I just don’t know where to look. This store is heaven.”

When you walk in any Anthropologie store, you feel so happy and inspired. Maybe there is some sort of addictive chemical in the air, but even when you are super broke, just browsing in an Anthropologie store can lift the dullest spirits. This one on Regent Street happens to have a Sale Room – where there are great deals to be had. Spend some time digging in there and you are bound to leave with something that will strike your fancy for a while.

I love just about everything about this shop. They offer creative merchandising and visuals that tell a story and beautiful clothing, retro/vintage with a touch of classics. I spent most of my time in awe of the plants that are growing from floor to ceiling as it was such a visual impact to the eyes. It is the sort of place to get completely lost in, but in a good way. Anthropologie may be a little on the expensive side – but my how pretty all the products are.

Tip: Anthropologie is a super bohemian and urban store that can be found in the USA, UK and Canada. I’m highlighting this store in London, but all of them are truly amazing!

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