Kamisak Husky Expedition

Into the wild with your own group of Huskies near the Russian border
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“I was one with my group of huskies when joining the Kamisak Husky Expedition in Finnish Lapland. We chased reindeer together, conquered snowy hills and enjoyed the fast greatness of the frozen lakes. True freedom.”

Me and my boyfriend both had our own group of six huskies. They don’t go at the same speed so at times you are all alone enjoying the great wilderness of Finnish Lapland near the Russian border. The sun would not go above the horizon for another twelve days and it was -42 degrees Celsius but I did not even feel cold. The snowy landscape in the eery twilight is so beautiful, you forget everything.

Some practical information – your guide from the Kamisak Husky Expedition will wait for you every so many kilometers to check if you are still OK so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You have to do everything yourself. This means feeding the dogs, getting them in and out of their harnesses and making sure that they sleep well at night. Chopping blocks of ice out of the frozen lake for the sauna and for cooking and of course the cooking and cleaning itself.

We slept in a cabin in the middle of the forest, on a hill overlooking a frozen lake. The Aurora Borealis came out at night while we were in the sauna. Looking at the Aurora Borealis, being completely naked, standing in the snow at -42 degrees has never given me such a wild experience. This is truly going back to nature.

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