59 Rue de Rivoli Art Galleries Paris

Back to your bohemian art roots in the middle of Paris
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“In my opinion Paris is always a good idea. 59 Rue de Rivoli Art Galleries is too.”

When I stroll down the streets of Paris I always see so many inspiring things. I always ask myself why the last visit was already that long time ago. I make a deal with myself to come back here at least earlier than the last time I’ve visited Paris.

Each time I visit the city a different Paris is showing and each time it is a joy to discover new gems.

I want to share a great building with you, 59 Rue de Rivoli Art Galleries. It is a chateau full of artists and you know why immediately when you enter the building. There is no single piece of the walls left blank. In all corners you will find plastic unicorns, dino babies or other figments of the artists that are worth seeing. Just go up to the top floor and walk downstairs from there. It is a walhalla of art and a maze combined. You will feel like an outsider looking into small living rooms. Some artists are creating a piece of art and others are just enjoying music or relaxing in the small windows.

When I left the building I definitely felt a bit more bohemian then I walked in. It is quirky place and a feast for your eyes. I am curious what kind of secret artifact or gem you will discover in here. Xoxo from Paris with love.

Tip: Some artists are selling their art. You will definitely find a unique piece of art from Paris in here!

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