Le Pavillon de la Fontaine

Bygone times in the shades of Le Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris
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“An afternoon in Paris… I spend it in Jardin du Luxembourg and I have to say I found a perfect French spot in the middle of this pretty park: Le Pavillon de la Fontaine.”

Le Pavillon de la Fontaine reminds me of one of my favorite movies – Midnight in Paris – where bygone times come to live again. It’s an old green building surrounded by lot of garçons dressed in black and white suits, walking up and down the terrace. The large trees that give the people a bit of shade on a sunny day.

When I found the perfect spot on the terrace I ordered a salad and a glass of white wine. I do not know if Parisians are doing it this way but… this is the Lisa way. The sun is shining and I am enjoying my goat cheese and honey salad. As we are in the middle of the park you perfectly see everything that is happening around you. Young lovers, sporty (spice) girls, students studying in the grass or an old couple that is passing by my table. Suddenly one of the garçons asked me if everything is fine or if I needed something. Let me think – I always need something in Paris but for now… I need a macaron. I know I am a sweet tooth but when in Paris you have to eat a least one sugary thing a day… I do not know if I keeps the doctor away but for today it will make my day!

After my lunch I walked around in the park and decided to watch a couple of old men playing chess. When looking closer they are actually not that old and appearently it is really a social thing to do when you have your day off over here. A couple of yards further I saw some men playing Jeu de Boules. I walked towards them and asked if I could make one strike. Yes! Best strike in the play. I hang around a bit longer and enjoy my afternoon in this lush and luxuriant park. La douce France!

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