Oderberger Hotel

Sleep in luxury in Berlins old public bathhouse
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“I’ve walked past this old city pool changed to Hotel Oderberger in Berlin for months, years. Every time I saw it’s huge facade I let my mind run, wondering what happened inside, what stories and lives were lived inside. But for once, I’m on the inside and I can make my own story!”

Impressive, that’s the only way to describe Prenzlauer Bergs old city pool changed to Oderberger Hotel. Not only the numbers on the facade give away its history ‘1902’ but it surrounds you, engulfs you while you try to take in this monumental building.

Not only the pool is opened nowadays but the restorations that took place over the course of the last couple of years, made room for an hotel with restaurant. An exquisite restaurant at that. But first take a dive into the hotel. Everywhere you look, you see small reminders of the old pool. The old doors are used for the bathrooms, the historic tiles are restored and signs can be found everywhere.

Take it in, give yourself some hours to enjoy the hotel instead of the busy streets of Berlin. Take a swim, stroll through the amazing building and have dinner afterwards. I promise you, this time will not be wasted but is a small dip into the history of one of Berlin’s historical buildings.


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